Deep Compaction Using Vibratory Pile Hammers

Nottingham, Dennis
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2013
The need for deep compaction of submerged granular soils has led to improvements in this area. In 1971, L.B. Foster Company personnel patented a method of deep compaction using a vibratory pile hammer and pile probe. The technique had some success, but did not produce consistent results and thus found its way to obscurity. Other patents attempted to modify the technique by various probe modifications, but again without measurable improvement from a practical point of view. Solutions to economical deep compaction up to 100 foot depths particularly in saturated granular soils would have a great impact on the construction industry and new bulkhead structures being developed, thus PND was prompted into related research and development. The advent of higher horsepower vibratory hammers, coupled with PND engineers? experiments, observations and measurements, led to an ?H? pile probe design which has produced measured soil density improvements up to 250% using SPT ?N60? values as a measure.
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