Installation Of Marine Pile Foundations At The Skyway Project For The San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge

Swenson, Robb L.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2013
Construction of foundations for the Skyway Segment of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge required innovative techniques due to the mass of the structures being inserted and the unique subsurface of the Bay. Twenty of the pier structures required large sheet pile cofferdams. Eight other foundations were installed in open water without cofferdams at the deeper part of the Bay. This narrative will present the initial planning, as well as the stages of installation, for each type of foundation. The first section will discuss foundation constructability modifications made during the initial planning phases of the project. Considerable effort was expended by Caltrans, the owner, T.Y. Lin the designer, and KFM (Kiewit/FCI/Manson) the contractor in modifying the design to assure that required tolerance would be maintained during the installation of the foundations. The final section will describe the steps required for installation including: initial access dredging, installation of cofferdams, preparation required to install the footing boxes, footing box installation, foundation support pile installation, and pile to box connections.
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