The Cadjebut Zinc Operation

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1992
The Cadjebut Mine is located 80 km southeast of Fitzroy Crossing. Cadjebut is owned 58 per cent by BHP Minerals and 42 per cent by Billiton Australia. Cadjebut is a 'Mississippi Valley Type' (MVT) deposit. Minerals present are sphalerite, galena and marcasite in a sedimentary host of dolomite and siltstone. The ore contains few deleterious impurities and no silver. The mill was commissioned in the first half of 1988 at a rate of 320 000 tonnes per annum. An expansion in the latter half of 1989 has since increased production to 550 000 tonnes per annum. The initial geological resource at the commencement of mining was 3.8 million tonnes at 13.5 per cent Zn and 4.4 per cent Pb. There is sufficient ore left to sustain operations to 1995 at a grade of 11.2 per cent Zn and 3.9 per cent Pb. The ore from underground is stockpiled on the surface via a drift conveyor and from the stockpile is fed into a grinding circuit consisting of a SAG and ball mill. Cyclone overflow at a Pgp of 90 pm gravitates to the flotation circuit. Lead and zinc are sequentially floated to produce an 80 per cent Pb grade at 90 per cent recovery and a 61 - 62 per cent Zn grade at 96 per cent recovery. The concentrates are thickened and filtered before being trucked to the port of Wyndham 600 km away. From Wyndham the concentrates are shipped to smelters in Asia, Europe and Australia.
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