Problems of Mine Water Drainage due to Damage to Hydrologic Amenities in a Coalfield-A Case of a Coal Bearing Area in India

Sinha DK,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1988
Coal Mining in India had been confined in the past primarily to two or three coalfields. Unscientific mining has led to huge degradation of land including massive subsidence of strata and disturbances of water tables to a wide extent. This has caused problems not only in flooding of mines from surface water but also in further planning of the surface drainage for current mining activities. Now, therefore, surface hydrology and land-use potentialities of the area have been endangered inflicting severe damage to the overall environment and ecology of the area. The paper Discusses certain investigative aspects of the problems highlighted as above in one of the coalfields, and encompasses mainly the following areas : 1) Quantitative estimation of the damage already done to the natural surface drainage system. For this purpose damage to topography and drainage for the last fifty years have been made out through the aerial photographs and topographic map sheets 2) Analysis and comparison of different states of such photographs are carried through to indicate the extent of damage to the hydrological conditions inducing undesirable changes in its land-use pattern. Based on the analysis, concrete suggestions are made to restore the water drainage system which will be most suitable for future mining in the area containing high grade coal. The design and planning of the drainage system is based on the total system approach including the cost benefit analysis as well as hydrological considerations.
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