A Study of the Potential for Surface and Ground Water Contamination by Arsenic at the Sunbeam Gold Mine

Shangraw J, ; Silva AJ, ; House A, ; Pyrih R,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1988
Sunbeam Mining -Corporation has the inten mine with heap leach gold recovery, near spent ore indicated a relatively high ar topographical configuration, the spent across a small drainage and a lake. Du permit for spent ore disposal from th agencies, concerns about the potential contamination by the arsenic were expres conducted extensive studies to addre contamination. These studies consiste( geochemical and geotechnical parameters underlying the proposed disposal si geotechnical investigations were also hydrologic characteristics were include with the use of an IBM PC computer. :ion of opening an open pit gold Stanley, Idaho. Testing of the ?enic content. Due to the local ore was planned to be disposed :ing the process of obtaining a federal and state regulatory for surface and ground water .ed. Sunbeam Mining Corporation is the potential for arsenic of laboratory testing of both of the spent ore, and the soils te. Field hydrogeologic and -onducted. Local climatic and 1 in the analysis of these data Conclusions of studies indicated that although the seepage through the spent ore disposal would contain an elevated dissolved arsenic content, the hydrologic and geochemical characteristics of the site would prevent arsenic migration into the local ground water system. The attenuation of arsenic on soils with high clay content, and dilution after reaching the ground water table would lower the arsenic content to acceptable Concentrations.
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