Implementation Of BHA Computers Maintenance Management System At Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
Modern, high-output, continuous process plant requires heavy capital expenditure and is exroected to achieve a high rate of return upon the investment made, thus its high utilisation is an economic necessity. Downtime is extremely expensive not only in terms of idle capital but also in terms of lost production and revenue. A sound maintenance management system can alleviate the problem of unscheduled stoppages and a key document in the maintenance system is the Work Order because it both initiates work and conveys maintenance control information back to the administrator. This key document must be supported by an information base that provides technical data, job procedures, spare parts, history and costing. To be effective this information must be easily and immediately available to all concerned. Computer technology has developed extremely rapidly over the last ten years and with it a wide variety of on-line computerised maintenance systems. Selection of the most appropriate system for a given industrial plant is not a straight-forward process. Computer requirements for hardware and software must be matched to the requirements of the maintenance system and such matching must be carried out in an ordered and rational way. At Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter, time was taken to review the existing maintenance system, select, study and test the new computerised maintenance management package and plan its implementation. As a result, the initial target of equipment recognition has been achieved on schedule and within budget.
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