Robotization at El Teniente Mine

Gastón Díiaz, ; Meza, Enzo Carranza
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1998
El Teniente Mine of Codelco-Chile, located at Los Andes Range of Mountains, 90 kilometers South far from Santiago, the capital city, has been exploited for more than 90 years, with over 1000 million tonnes of copper ore extraction. No doubt, this particular record, has been possible to achieve due to an efficient combination of human and technological efforts in the exploitation of one of the biggest ore deposits of the world. Throughout times, the exploitation has evolved from a mainly manual one to a highly mechanized exploitation. Notwithstanding, different and several geomechanical problems that occurred in one of its areas, increased the risks to personnel that should normally operate large equipments in its working face. This last condition, forced El Teniente mine to design and develop systems and technologies that would allow the use of tele-operated LHD, picking hammers and drilling equipment (jumbos) from a safe zone. Currently, El Teniente Mine is using in its extractive works equipment such as LHD, picking hammers, and drilling Jumbos, that can be manually or teleoperated commanded from a Central Control Room located one kilometer away from the production area. In general, a new technological era has been opened in the mining exploitation at El Teniente: the exploitation era with telecommanded robots.
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