Sampling the Settler of the Kalgoorlie Nickel Smelter

Cloutt B, ; Reed M E,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
Particulate samples were taken from the gas space in the settler of the Kalgoorlie nickel smelter using a vertical sampling probe and a specially designed isokinetic sampling probe which also quenched the samples. The vertical sampler was found to give unrepresentative samples. Suction thermocouple measurements of the gas temperature were also made. Using the isokinetic probe samples were taken at four points ranging from near the base of the reaction shaft to the base of the uptake at depths up to 1.5 m into the settler. Dust loadings and the sizing of the samples were determined. These parameters were found to be most affected by sample position and depth. The dust loading decreased along the settler but increased with depth. The loadings varied from zero near the roof to several hundred g Nm 3 near the slag. The dust also became coarser with increasing depth into the settler. Examination of the samples showed them to consist of spherical particles the largest of which were about 500 microns in diameter. The dust was mainly composed of mixed iron/nickel oxides with a little sulphide.
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