Short Term Mine Management Systems û An Integrated Approach to Blast Design, Grade Control, Stockpile Management and Reconciliation

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
An integrated computer system (the Short Term Mine Management System) has recently been developed by B.H.P. Steel Long Products Division in Whyalla, South Australia for use in their open pit iron ore mines.The system incorporates blast design, comprehensive blasthole data handling, grade coilrol, stockpile scheduling and management and reconciliation within a single, user friendly computer package. The blast design system allows the blasting engineer to design the layout of holes for a production blast using geological information projected from the bench above to aid in appropriate blasthole positioniog in particular rock types. The grade control system allows mining blocks to be designed and evaluated from blasthole information using interactive graphics processes. The handling, storage and reporting of blasthole survey, assay and geological logging data forms an integral part of this system. Stockpiles can be constructed from a number of mining blocks to reach a specified target grade using the stockpile management system. Although not yet integrated, the reconciliation system will reconcile stockpiles back to mining blocks and to the geological model.
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