Tectonic Setting for the Emplacement of Granitoid Rocks in Burma

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
The granitoid rocks in Burma can be subdivided into three main belts viz. (1) Eastern Granitoid Belt, (2) W-Sn related, Central Granitoid Belt and (3) Porphyry Cu (Au)-related, Western Granitoid Belt. The W-Sn related, central belt Granitoids were interpreted to have generated during the continent-arc collision and the Porphyry Cu(Au)-related, western grantioid belt was emplaced in a magmatic-volcanic arc above an east-dipping subduction zone. INTRODUCTION Major tectonic domains of Burma Burma region can be subdivided into N-S trending (6) major tectonic domains from west to east (1) Arakan Coastal Strip as ensimatic Foredeep (2) Indo-Burman Ranges as Outer Arc or Fore Arc (3) Western Inner-Burman Tertiary Basin as Inter-Arc Basin (4) Central Volcanic Belt (Central Volcanic Line) as Inner Magmatic-volcanic Arc (5) Eastern Inner-Burman Tertiary Basin as Back-Arc Basin and (6) Shan-Tennasserim Massif as ensialic, Sino-Burman Ranges (Bender, 1983). The Sagaing (transform) Fault and Shan Boundary Fault form as a tectonically significant boundary between Eastern-Burman Basin (Back-Arc Basin) and continental,
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