Platinum-Group-Metal Occurrence in New Zealand

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
Platinum Group metals have been known in New Zealand since the 1880's but not produced on a large scale. They have been neglected because their value was not appreciated rela- tive to gold and their value was often very low, reflecting demand, and because recovery was difficult compared with recovery of gold. With the rising price of most Platinum Group metals and the perfection of gravity and flota- tion recovery methods, recovery of platinum along with gold from alluvial deposits is more attractive. Platinum Group metals are known in several different environments in New Zealand, ranging from alluvial placer deposits to layered basic to ultrabasic intrusions and quartz veins. None of the known occurrences have been ade- quately prospected and there is a real possibi- lity of future discovery of important deposits. Several New Zealand based and at least two offshore resource companies are currently involved in exploration, prospecting or mining for Platinum Group metals in New Zealand.
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