Geology and Tectonic History of the Palaeozoic Hodgkinson and Broken River Provinces, North Queensland

Bultitude RJ, ; Lang SC, ; Donchak PJ, ; Hammond RL,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1987
The Hodgkinson and Broken River Provinces form the northern part of the Tasman Orogen. They are separated by a broad belt of Late Palaeozoic igneous rocks, but were probably originally continuous. They are bounded to the west by a system of major faults (Fig. 1) which separate them from the Georgetown Province. Although largely Precambrian, the Georgetown Province includes probable Siluro- Devonian granitoids, and in the south adjacent to the Broken River Province, metamorphosed Early Palaeozoic(?) volcanics and sediments of the Greenvale Subprovince. South of the Broken River Province, the Lolworth-Ravenswood Province includes probable Precambrian rocks, Cambro-Ordovician volcanics and sediments, and voluminous Ordovician to Early Devonian granitoids. The first systematic studies of the provinces were the 1:250 000 scale mapping programs by the Bureau of Mineral Resources and Geological Survey of Queensland (White, 1965; de Keyser and Lucas, 1968). These and subsequent regional studies were reviewed by Arnold and Fawckner (1980). Remapping by the Geological Survey of Queensland since 1982, and a concurrent regional study of the deformation by Hammond (1986) have provided much new data. We acknowledge the contribution of other members of the GSQ field parties - L. Cranfield, J. Domagala, B.G. Fordham, P. Green, R. Halfpenny, R. Hegarty, L. Hutton, S. Law, D. Macansh, T. McLennan and M. Scott.
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