The Goodyear Nickel Prospect, Carnylia Hill, Western Australia

Gole MJ,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1996
The Goodyear nickel prospect is located 45 km southeast of Kalgoorlie (31.04¦S, 121.80¦E) near the eastern boundary of Hampton Area - East Location 45 (Figure 1). Nickel mineralisation was discovered on the Goodyear prospect in March 1996 when a reverse circulation drillhole (GYC5), initially drilled in December 1995, was deepened to meet a minimum footwall penetration requirement of 20 in that had been set for the drill program. Approximately 3 in of sulphides averaging 4.9 per cent nickel was intersected from 296 metres down-hole, this being within 2 in of the first end-of-hole. Hole GYC5 was part of an eight hole drilling program undertaken by Titan Resources in late-1995. This program was designed to test whether nickel mineralisation in the Dunlop prospect, discovered by the Western Mining Corporation - BHP Camylia Joint Venture immediately east of the East Location 45 boundary, continued across the tenement boundary. The area targeted by the initial drill program had been explored by Western Mining Corporation in the mid-1980s using extensive surface sampling and a drilling program that included 17 RAB and percussion drillholes. None of these holes intersected nickel Mineralisation.\
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