Geology of the Maggie Hays Komatiitic Nickel Sulphide Deposit, Western Australia

Vallance SA, ; Perring CS, ; Hill RE, ; Barnes SJ,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 11
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1996
The Maggie Hays nickel sulphide deposit is located at latitude 32¦ 15 'S, longitude 120¦ 30' E on the Lake Johnston (SI 51-1) 1:250 000 map sheet. The deposit occurs in the Lake Johnston greenstone belt, in the Southern Cross Province of the Archaean Yilgarn Block, 500 kilometres east of Perth, Western Australia (Figure 1). The remoteness of the Lake Johnston greenstone belt and its poor access, restricted previous exploration activities and the full appreciation of the geology and its Ni-sulphide potential. It was not until 1991, when Forrestania Gold NL commenced exploration activities, that the geology of the ultramafic units and their potential to host significant concentrations of Ni sulphides were clearly established. This paper, which describes the geology and the characteristics of the Maggie Hays deposit, is based on the results of exploration by Forrestania Gold NL and a collaborative research agreement between CSIRO Division of Exploration and Mining and Forrestania Gold as reported by Perring, Barnes and Hill (1994), Perring and Hill (1995), Perring (1995 a and b) and Barnes, Perring and Reilly (1995). A comprehensive description of the geology, petrology and geochemistry of the deposit is being prepared for publication by CSIRO (Pemng, Hill and Barnes, in press).
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