Review of Rock Blasting and Explosives Engineering Research at SveBeFo

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 15
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
A short overview of the research program of SveBeFo, Swedish Rock Engineering Research, which was founded in 1993 is first given. Then four recent and ongoing projects in rock blasting and explosives engineering are presented in greater detail: 1. Burn Equations for Commercial Explosives. 2. Blast Damage in Contour Blasting. 3. The Role of Gas Pressure in Pit Wall Damage. 4. Fragmentation of Aggregate Rock. The goal of the bum equation project is to be able to control the energy release from explosive charges to the desired part of the expansion curve of the reaction products under various rock conditions. SveBeFo's work has reached the stage where a burn equation for a lab emulsion has been established which can model the influence of charge diameter on the VOD and detonation front curvature in a cylindrical charge quite well. This work now continues with other emulsion recipes. In the blast damage project the goal is to develop techniques and recommendations on how to minimise the blast damage in construction blasting. The project has gained extensive practical knowledge from the blasting of more than 200 holes in a granite quarry under controlled conditions. The cracks in the rock surrounding the contour holes have been cut open and measured. The influence of factors like charge concentration, decoupling ratio, hole and charge size, VOD and time delay in initiation have been investigated. A simultaneous initiation of a group of contour holes with EDD detonators is quite superior to single hole blasts, even when they are timed as closely as 1 ms.
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