Commissioning of Production Blasting with the EXEX 1000 Electronic Delay Detonator Sytem

Jones M,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
The concept of precise, accurate timing with Electronic Delay Detonators (EDDs) was first seriously addressed in the mid-1980s and much was made of the cheapness and profusion of digital watches in terms of the likelihood of EDDs also being cheap and easy to produce. Ten years later, with every major explosives company and many electronics groups having instituted projects to capitalise on the promise of these devices, production devices are still to come into general use. In South Africa, Expert Explosives units have been used in most applications during proving trials and more recently for production blasting in underground ring stoping and open cast coal. The outcome has been valuable learning both as to the benefits and technical requirements for electronic delay blasting, and especially, safety aspects. Examples are shown of production blasts which utilised the power of EDDs. It is evident that it is not delay accuracy alone which determines the value of these systems, but the whole robustness, flexibility and ease of delay allocation when harnessing blast engineering knowledge. Muckpile movement and shape, fragmentation and vibration frequencies have shown to be greatly influenced by designs which can be implemented no other way. The flexibility of a system and the power of the software controlling it are crucial in capitalising on blasting potential, which lies in integrating control of blast timing with other developing electronic Technologies.
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