Adopting Quality Systems to Train Blast Crews and Control the Use of Explosives at Gunpowder Copper

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1995
While, in the past, a great deal of attention has been focussed on technical issues and the performance of explosives in rock, the explosive user, an essential link in the chain, has often been neglected. In the mining industry, too often, the benefits of excellent technical work have been degraded over time due to the lack of definitive and documented control. Using the principles of quality management a quality training system was developed and implemented for management of explosives use at Gunpowder Copper Ltd (GCL). This paper describes the structure of the system, its development and implementation, and contains practical advice and information for managers responsible for blasting and charge crews. The paper is in four parts: I Quality systems. A brief overview of the relevant aspects of total quality management that apply to explosives use. The requirements for documentation, management and auditing are explored. 2. Training for competency. The five essential elements of Competency Board Training (CBT) are examined, including auditing. 3. The Gunpowder Copper system. Implementation of the complete training system. Documentation and its control, auditing, instructions for operators, management responsibility and means of obtaining operator ownership are amongst the issues raised. Reporting requirements are the means to effectively manage change are described. 4. Summary. The paper concludes with the tangible benefits seen by Gunpowder Copper through the adoption of a quality training System.
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