Rock Pressure Control in Development of Heading Face

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 1
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1991
The problem of stability of the development working at the great depths of coal winning is of great seriousness. Numerous researches of the problem were carried out in the USSR, the results of which determined that raising of resistance of existing support will not lead to a considerable rise of working output. It is necessary to try to find ways at the expense of heightening the support ability of rock massif. For these purposes it is necessary to direct it correctly and in proper time. While carrying the development working the most intensive deformations of rock occur at a depth of 30m from the entry face. The zone of destruction of rock around the work is realised here for 60 to 70 percent. These facts show that in influence zone of entry face a kind of embryo of the working steadiness is forming, which greatly determines its following conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to begin direction of mining pressure around the work directly in a face.Complex research of the mechanism was carried out starting with the effect of moving face upon the surrounding rock massif. It was ascertained, that the zone influenced by the face is a section of 5 equivalent diameters of the work by the length within which the rock of the sides, roof and floor, experience the cyclical influence of stresses at the time of cyclical shift of the face. The elastoplastec deformation is occurring with it at the moments of rock removal and the deformation of creeping takes place at such intervals.
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