On-Stream Analysis of Iron Ore and Its Potential for Improving Export Quality Control

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1988
An on-stream iron ore analyser has been developed in collaborationwith Hamersley Iron Pty. Limited for determining the iron content ofboth lump (- 30+ 6 mm particle size) and fines ( - 6 mm particle size)on conveyor belts. The analyser, which is called IRONSCAN, is basedon pair production, and is now commercially available from Mineral ControllnstrumentationLimited (MC!) in Adelaide. It can be mounted underexisting conveyor belts with minimal modifications to the conveyor structure,and the presence of steel cables in the belt does not interfere oncethe analyser has been correctly calibrated. The analyser has been extensivelytested on both lump and fines on the shiploading conveyor at Dampier,and typically the root mean square (Lm.s.) deviation between singleIRONSCAN measurements and conventional chemical analyses is betterthan 0.5070 Fe. It is currently being evaluated on - 150 mm ore from theprimary crusher at Mount Tom Price, and initial result are encouraging.The principal advantage of IRONSCAN is that it provides rapid informationon ore grades. But perhaps its greatest potential is at the primarycrusher where conventional sampling and analysis is very expensive toimplement.
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