Measurement of Payloads Carried by Mine Haul Trucks and the Influence of Payloads on Production Rates and Material Movement Costs

Alexander RB, ; Hollis AJ,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
The magnitude of the payloads carried by mine haul trucks can have a strong influence on the mine production rates and costs. Consequently control of truck payloads is highly desirable, but in many mines the unavailability of means for measuring payloads reliably, accurately and easily has resulted in a low level of control over truck payloads. Consideration is given to two techniques which are applicable to the measurement of payloads carried by mine haul trucks, namely truck weighing and direct measurement of payloads with truck based systems. Accuracy assessments for two types of truck weighing platforms and two prototype truck based direct payload measurement systems are provided. Results show that weighing platforms based on hydraulic components have proved inadequate, while strain gauge type weighing platforms can estimate payloads to within 2% of true payload when installed, maintained and used correctly. The assessment of the two prototype truck based direct payload measurement systems shows that a high proportion of payloads were estimated to within 5% of the payloads derived from accurate weighing platforms and that these systems appear to have the potential to provide convenient and accurate measurement of payloads. This should enable payloads to be much better controlled than has been possible to date. Predictions of the effect of payloads on production rates and some components of truck haulage costs are possible and some typical results are presented. Accurate prediction of the effect of payloads are not yet possible for some major components of truck haulage costs.
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