Blasthole Density Logging as an Aid to Blast Pattern Design

Sheppard I, ; Bulters J,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1986
Two blasthole density logging programmes have been conducted on the Mt Whaleback iron ore mine to evaluate the use of this type of logging as an aid to blast pattern design. The first programme also involved the setting up of a Density Test facility with which to calibrate the density probe. The programmes indicated that about 22-23 blastholes can be consistently logged per day at a cost of $1.30 per metre. Even though this is only half the rate required to log the average number of blastholes drilled daily on Mt Whaleback, testwork indicated that no significant loss of accuracy results if only half the holes in a pattern are logged. The major results of the programmes were: 1. The density range for black pyritic Shale is 2.2-2,9 g/cc. 2. The density range for soft to medium hard BIF is 2.1-3.0 g/cc. 3. The density range for hard BIF is 3.0-3.6 g/cc. 4. The front row blastholes show consistently lower densities than the main body holes due to blast damage. 5. A low density zone extending to a maximum depth of 6 m occurs at the top of most blastholes and results from blast damage from the bench above. These density results have been used to implement savings in drilling and blasting via pattern expansion and charge optimisation of blastholes. Eight ore
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