Seam Gas Drainage Experiments in some Colleries of B.H.P.

Hargraves AJ,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 15
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
Pre-drainage experiments have been conduct- ed at Appin, Cook, John Darling, Leichhardt, Macquarie, Metropolitan and Moura No. 2 Collieries. Appin (550 m deep) experiences particular gas problems in development drivages, and the almost pure CH4 seam gas makes difficult tiro compliance with statutory maxima in intakes and returns. Patterns of 43 mm diameter drain- a,.;e holes drilled ahead and laterally into virgin coal have improved gas conditions in working places and have allowed tolerable advance rates. Cook, Leichhardt, Metropolitan and Moura No,. 2 Collieries have experienced gas and stress phenomena ranging from conical bursts less than one tonne to full scale instantan- -us outbursts of hundreds of tonnes with tens ,f thousands of cubic metres of seam gas. Gas ~Irainage experiments with patterns of holes up a,, 200 mm diameter have been undertaken with ;,;siness monitors on the coal to establish .lative effectiveness. Incremental flows into mg 43 mm diameter boreholes have investigated drainage patterns relative to length, and at comparative incremental flows have nlicated lowered permeability zones at stress ,.,utments. In some CO2 seam gas areas where iammability problems are reduced to perhaps ii, but where outbursts proneness is increased,
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