Methane Drainage Under the No. 7 Longwall Block Appin Colliery

Regan R,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 14
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
Appin Colliery mines the Bulli Seam with a gas composition of 98.5% methane and 1.5% carbon dioxide. Relaxation of the strata generally occurs to below the base of the Wongawilli Seam, some 40 m below the Bulli Seam, and approxim- ately 125 m above the Bulli Seam, for longwall face widths of 135 m or more. Previous exper- ience showed that when longwall faces were mined for a distance approximately equal to the face width, the mine ventilation could not provide sufficient dilution due to methane emissions from the underlying measures. Postdraining downholes were drilled to intersect the Wongawilli Seam below the operat- ng longwall. These holes were connected to an underground to surface gas range and various suction levels were applied to improve gas drainage. The resulting gas flow rates and purity from all the downholes were regularly monitored and peak flows in some holes exceeded 160 1/sec. The surface plant drained almost 20 million m3 of gas for the period July 1981 to January 1982 at an average methane purity of approximately 70%. Distinct patterns emerged for different downholes from curves illustrat- ing their variations in flow rate with distance subsequent to passage of the longwall face. The difference between free flow characteristics and those obtained with the application of
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