A New Dry Processing Approach to Alluvial Deposits

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 0
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1994
Dissatisfied with conventional wet processing methods for alluvial deposits, Resource Trend Pty Ltd of Cairns set out to develop a better process. After comprehensive investigation of existing dry techniques the principals have now developed a rotary dry concentrator that can handle the fine-grained fraction of alluvial deposits as well as the coarse. Four of these units have been mounted on an integrated towable treatment plant which has been in successful commercial operation for four years in northern Queensland. A second plant is now under construction for use in the United States. Grades of less than 0.2 g/lcm have been profitably mined at throughputs of about 80 cubic metres per hour and 85 per cent availability. The operation runs round the clock with an establishment of four. Major benefits, apart from lower capital and operating costs, are environmental. Ore is picked up, treated, and replaced in its original mixed condition within 25 m of its initial location. Rehabilitation is completed almost immediately behind the plant as it advances, leaving no slimes dams, coarse stockpiles, or haul roads. In 1993 the company won a Premier's Award for Environmental Excellence in the Queensland Mining Industry. The principal disadvantage is moisture, and the company is now actively seeking deposits in the deserts of the world. In Queensland mining is normally possible only for six months of the year.
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