Selection and Design of Blasting Techniques for Selective Open Pit Gold Mining using Knowledge Based Systems Technology

Little T N,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1990
The Western Australian School of Mines is continuing to investigate the blasting techniques and mining strategies that are used for ore/waste separation (or high grade/low grade ore separation) or to prevent ore and waste mixing. The aim of all the mining strategies is to produce an optimum product. The optimum product is one which contains no diluent and undergoes no mixing of the various identified ore and waste blocks and is fully recovered at the minimum overall operating cost. The current study includes the use of computerised Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) technology to assist the user with the blast technique selection and blast design process. These aspects are highly dependent on the geology. (geometry, rock mass properties, grade distribution), explosive performance and the expectations of the mining company in terms of production rates and equipment utilisation. Most of these factors are not well defined and nor are they easy to quantify. However, a large amount of knowledge does exist and is available in the following forms: rules of thumb, empirical formulae, engineering judgement and past experience. KBS techniques are well adapted to handle such"forms of knowledge. The primary objective of this paper is to illustrate an approach for the use of Knowledge Based Systems during the analysis and interpretation stages of the blast design process. In particular, the components and methodology of the developed system are described for selective open pit gold mining. The Knowledge Based System developed was written using the declarative programming language PROLOG.
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