A Study of the Electro-Kinetic Properties of Activated Carbon Used as a Tool for Gold Extraction

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 22
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1982
Attempt has been made to determine the nature of charge on activated carbon surface by studying the electro-kinetic properties of the carbon in the presence of cations, anions and aurocyanide solutions. The zeta-potential measurements were made in the presence of individual ions and also in combinations. The cations and anions chosen were those commonly associated with gold bearing ores in Kalgoorlie area. It was found that the iso-electric point of Norit Carbon was at pH 4.45; below this pH the charge was positive, while above, it was negative. In the absence of gold cyanide solutions and in the presence of individual cations the i.e.p. shifted to the alkaline range (pH 7.2-8.5) while in the presence of anions the i.e.p. was shifted to less than pH 3.5. In the presence of aurocyanide solutions, the iso-electric point was still in the acid region irrespective of whether anions or cations were present. The probable mechanism for such a behaviour has been attempted after measuring the specific conductivities of solutions before and after gold adsorption, by studies using the electron- probe-mirco-analyser, and S.E.M. on the carbon surface.
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