An Aspect of Community Development in a City Based on Mining and Metallurgy-The Case of Wollongong

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1976
Wollongong* is Australia's largest single centre of mining and metallurgy. Wollongong's total employment in manufacturing of basic metal products (over 26,500 in 1972/1973) was almost 50 per cent higher than that of Newcastle and double that of any other Australian city. Although the great bulk of this employment was in steelmaking, Wollongong's copper industry was also a significant employer. Wollongong's total employment in mining (4,900 in 1971) was second only to that of Newcastle among Australian mining centres. Although the bulk of Wollongong's mining is of coal, there is also considerable mining of blue metal, sand and clay. In all, over 40 per cent of Wollongong's work force is employed in mining and metallurgy. The great bulk of the other
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