The Ore-Coke Interface-Mixed Ore Results

Boehme PW, ; Gregory OR,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 2
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1975
The results presented here show quite definitely that in the system investigated the intensity of dispersion is enhanced by switching the flow entry from bottom to sides of the packed trough. Since there is no reason to suppose that this would not be true generally then it is not surprising that the blast furnace dispersion data of Standish and Polthier lie above the data for packed columns with bottom fluid entry. In fact, on the basis of the present results, blast furnace dispersion results can never equal standard packed column behaviour but must always be above these. The result that the intensity of dispersion in the trough model is higher closer to the side ports than away from them is at variance with that of Standish and Polthier blast furnace results. Aside from the obvious structural differences between these two systems, it is thought that the presence of raceways and the tortuous path of the gas flow in the furnace may provide an answer. Clearly this is an important difference in the behaviour of the two systems and further investigations designed to clarify the position would have significant practical value. This would also give an indication of how the furnace D/ud values may be decreased along the whole height - assuming of course that this result gives the best overall performance of the furnace. However, there is to date no knowledge whatsoever about this aspect of blast furnace Technology.
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