Investigation of Gas-Dynamics Processes and their Transience in Blast Furnaces

Kukarkin AS, ; Ovchinnikov YN, ; Mysik AF, ; Spirin NA, ; Novikov VS, ; Shcherbatskii VB, ; Babushkin NM,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 0
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1975
Laboratory investigations were carried out to determine the resistance coefficient of the flow through beds irrigated with wetting and non-wetting liquids. A formula was obtained which may be used to evaluate the resistance of the irrigated packing. Quantitative investigations were also carried out on operating furnaces at Magnitogorsk. Continuous measurements of the lower pressure drops were made under different furnace conditions. Pressures were measured in the tuyere space and the bosh region. A significant transient behaviour of the pressure drop was observed in the irrigated zone as a function of the accumulation of the liquid phase in the bosh region as smelting progressed. Additionally, transient processes were also investigated in the upper furnace zones. The basic cause of the transient behaviour was shown to be the irregularity of burden descent caused by the casting cycle. It was shown that the rate of burden descent between consecutive casts reflects fairly accurately the accumulation and drainage of the liquid products as a result of which heat transfer, reduction and aerodynamic processes assume transient character. In practically all cases of casting a decrease in blast pressure and that over the furnace height of 0.2 kg/cm2 was observed. The analyses of radial gas composition at the stock line showed that compositional variations connected with the casting cycle are most pronounced in the central and peripheral regions, whilst in the intermediate regions the conditions are relatively stable. Calculations show that as casting progresses there is a decrease in the gas flow rate at the periphery and an increase in the centre of the furnace. The transient nature of the aerodynamic processes in packings revealed the existence of an appreciable reserve capacity. Elimination of transience was tested on the furnace at Magnitogorsk and improved operating and economical furnace parameters obtained.
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