Fluid-Dynamic Aspects in Blast Furnace with Gas Injection into the Stack

Giordano V, ; Quintiliani G,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1975
A research field of interest and a topical subject with the aim to reduce a considerable amount of coke in ironmaking is the injection into blast furnace stack of hot reducing gas combined with use of auxiliary fuels at tuyeres. In recent years evaluation studies and prelimirfary industrial experiments have been carried out on this subject in Europe and Japan. Even if these experiments seem to confirm the advantages theoretically expected, it appears as useful to cast more light on new problems concerning the improvements of this technique. In this report some aspects are analysed on fluid dynamics of blast furnace process with two gas flows: the main flow coming from the bosh and cross flow of the reducing gas injected in the lower shaft. A research on a blast furnace physical model was made with the aim to obtain information about the phenomena which occur in the full scale blast furnace. This work was carried out on cold models IN and tridimensional) in which the radial gas distribution was experimentally measured. A mathematical model based on gas diffusion was implemented aimed at simulating gas distribution inside the reactor taking into account the number of injection tuyeres. A good agreement between experimental and theoretical data allows for extending results to industrial practice in order to determine operating conditions assuring good performance of blast furnace with high amount of auxiliary fuels.
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