The Discovery and Evaluation of the Windara Nickel Deposits, Western Australia

Stock E C, ; Wright R,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 22
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1973
The Windarra nickel deposits known to date comprise two sulphide orebodies located at Mount Windarra and South Windarra. These orebodies, which are 15 km apart, lie within an ultramafic complex at or near its footwall contact with a banded iron formation. The Windarra deposits are 270 km north-northeast of Kalgoorlie in West- ern Australia which was the centre of a major nickel exploration programme fol- lowing the discovery of nickel deposits at Kambalda in 1966. Surface indications of the Mount Windarra orebody were discovered in 1969 by Mr. Ken Shirley while prospect- ing the Laverton area for Poseidon Ltd. (then NL). The mineralisation was loc- ated by systematic prospecting for goss- anous material associated with aero-mag- netic anomalies and ultramafic rocks. The South Windarra deposit was dis- covered in 1971 by the Union-Hanna- Homestake Joint Venture, by exploring along the strike extension of the mount Windarra ultramafic-banded iron format- ion contact. A detailed ground magnet 1. Acting Operations Superintendent, Windarra Nickel Project, Windarra, W.A. 2. Senior Geologist, Windarra Nickel Project, Windarra, W.A. 3. Mine Geologist, Windarra Nickel Project, Windarra, W.A.
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