Hydrocarbon Occurrences Offshore From the Pilbara Block

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 12
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1973
During the past 18 months several import- ant hydrocarbon discoveries have been made in the Dampier Sub-basin, which is a sedimentary area lying entirely offshore from the Precambrian Pilbara Block in the southern part of 'he Northwest Shelf of Western Australia. This sub-basin is a major sedimentary downwarp forming a northern extension to the Carnarvon Basin. This extension is bounded to the north by the De Grey Nose, separating it from the Beagle Sub-basin. To the south the Dampier Sub-basin merges with the Barrow Sub- basin. Extensive seismic data combined with results from exploration drilling show that the Dampier Sub-basin is a complex depositional basin containing over 20,000 feet of sediments which are mainly Triassic to Recent in age. Tectonically the sub-basin can be divided into seven main structural elements. In a northwest to southeast direction these are the Rankin Platform, the Kendrew Trough, the Madeleine- Dampier Trend, the Lewis Trough, the Legendre- Rosemary Trend, the Enderby Fault Zone and the broad Pilbara Shelf. Permian sediments were encountered in only one well drilled to date in the sub-basin, but Triassic and younger sediments are extensive. The section consists initially of 'hi -_D 7 ri ,~ ~, , i , Derived
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