Geology of the Upper Robe River Iron Deposits

Adair D L, ; Collings P S,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1973
The Upper Robe (Robe Gorge) deposits occur in Kumina Creek and the Robe River, some 20-40 km upstream from mining operations at Pannawonica. The Gorge Deposits were rec- ognised, mapped and sampled in 1962-3 and re- examined in detail in 1971. Approximately 180 mineralized occurrences were mapped in 1971 on 1:4800 scale and 50 of these were remapped in detail at 1:1200 scale. Eighty cross sections were measured and sampled and 300 geological maps prepared. In addition 88 holes totalling 7388 feet were drilled in three occurrences considered to have the greatest potential. The Gorge Deposits occur in the Robe Pisolite unit which forms thin remnant crusts, bay fillings and occasional cut-off meanders along the edge of the present streams. Less than 50 of the deposits have tonnage potential of one million or more. Consequently exploit- ation of the Gorge reserves must be considered as a very uncertain, long range possibility because the deposits are small and scattered throughout the gorges in the area, thereby necessitating costly railroad spur lines to gain mining access. Grade of the occurrences is extremely variable over short distances both vertically
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