Bauxite Mining with a Mobile Crusher and Overland Conveyors at Pinjarra, Western Australia

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 10
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1973
Alcoa of Australia's Del Park mining op eration is centred 9 km. east of the Pinjarra alumina refinery, and is centrally locatedwith- in the 10, 000 sq. km. lease which the Company holds for bauxite in the Darling Ranges. An- other mining operation is situated near the township of Jarrahdale, and supplies bauxite to the Kwinana refinery. Definition of the bauxite ore, development works and mining to the ore haulage stage, are identical for both mining operations. Exper- ience, and production cost figures, obtained from the Jarrahdale mine, where 100 tonne trucks are used to haul ore to a fixed crushing plant, led to the development of the Del Park mining concept with increased mobility of op- erations. The crushing-conveying-stockpiling arrangement at Del Park consists of a 1200 t. p. h. mobile crusher feeding bauxite to an overland conveyor system which transports the ore approximately 6. 66 km. to the stockpile area in the refinery. In the refinery raw mat- erials area the bauxite is distributed into 200, 000 tonne stockpiles by means of a travel- ling boom stacker.
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