The Impact of Landslides on the National Highway System in the Highlands Region

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1997
The Highlands Region of Papua New Guinea has 3 major national highways. The locations of these national highways are shown in Figure 1. The Highlands Highway begins at Lae City on the coast and passes through the Highlands towns of Goroka, Kundiawa and Mt Hagen. It terminates at Togoba approximately 10km out of Mt Hagen town. The Enga Highway begins at Togoba and passes through the towns of Wapenamanda, Wabag and Laiagam. It terminates at the giant Porgera Gold Mine. The Southern Highlands Highway also begins at Togoba and passes through the major towns of Mendi, and Tari. It terminates at Koroba station, near the Hides Gas Field. Two separate Feeder roads intersecting the main highway service both the Kutubu Oil Project and the Hides Gas Field. These national Highways play a very important role in the development of Papua New Guinea. Goods and services are delivered to the bulk of the population of the Highlands Region using these highways. Heavy machinery and equipment for the mining and petroleum projects of Porgera, Hides and Kutubu are transported using these roads.
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