Blast Control in Small Scale Underground Mining

McKenzie C K, ; Simpson J, ; Stewart R S,
Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 6
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1993
Blast control in small scale underground mining leads to improved fragmentation control, improved control over overbreak and dilution, and the optimisation of drilling and charging operations. Greatly improved control can be achieved through blast monitoring, to confirm proper implementation of blast designs and blasthole charging. Further improvements can be achieved through simple modelling, enabling blastholes to be placed in the correct locations and charged with the correct weight and strength of explosive. Improved design can be shown to significantly reduce overbreak and dilution, and even ground support costs. In one mine in Quebec, open stopes of widths varying from 2.5 metres to four metres and dipping at 36¦ to 38¦ were designed to achieve zero dilution using open sloping blasting practices. The first stope designed in this manner was monitored in detail and achieved its objective.A method for contouring damage around blastholes is presented as a basis for selection of drilling patterns, with particular application to the control of overbreak and dilution. Contouring can be used to provide reliable estimates of either overbreak or damage (where rock is broken het reynainc in nlarr)
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