Metana Minerals N.L. 1970-1990: An Emerging Diversified Miner

Organization: The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy
Pages: 4
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1989
Metana Minerals commenced life in 1970 and graduated to a mining company in 1981 with the opening of a small alluvial tin-tantalite mine at Wodgina (W.A.) The present board of directors assumed control of the company in 1978 and established the exploration and development philosophies that have guided the company's expansion to its present status as an emerging diversified miner. An ability and willingness to raise equity capital when required has been a feature of the company. Company activities include exploration for gold, diamonds, heavy mineral sands, polymetallic (base and precious metals) deposits, strategic minerals, rare earths, oil and gas in a geographical distribution covering the entire Australian mainland Metana owns and/or operates four gold mines (Reedy, Mt Magnet, Youanmi and Howley) and at the time of writing is developing a fifth gold mine - its first underground mine - at Rothsay. In contrast to many similar or larger sized companies, Metana undertakes most activities itself rather than through the use of consultants or contractors. In-house services include: analytical and metallurgical laboratories, plant engineering design and construction, drilling and mining (earthmoving) Metana Minerals has established an enviable reputation for technical excellence and this expertise has placed the company in a sound position to continue its growth pattern into the future. This growth will be achieved through a combination of low cost and successful exploration and acquisition of suitable mines either directly or through corporate activity.
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