Minerals Beneficiation - Continuous Countercurrent Decantation Calculations

Counselman, T. B.
Organization: The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers
Pages: 3
Publication Date: Jan 1, 1951
"C" VERYONE who has to calculate cyanide circuits, -¦-' using either thickeners, filters or both, realizes the headaches involved in solving a set of simultaneous equations. When you calculate a large number of these, based on experimental data, trying to arrive at the best flowsheet, you can spend days at the task. T. B. COUNSELMAN, Member AIME, is Manager, FluoSolids Division, The Dorr CO., Stamford, Conn. AIME New York Meeting, Feb. 1950. TP 2783 B. Discussion (2 copies) may be sent to Transactions AIME before March 31, 1950. Manuscript received Aug. 23, 1949. Herewith is presented a short method, equally accurate with the standard simultaneous equation method, and much quicker. Here for instance is the standard simultaneous equation method, for 100 tons per day of $10 ore, with the conditions assumed as below (fig. 1). Conditions Assumed a. 100 tons of ore per day crushed in cyanide solution. b. Discharge from all thickeners with 50 pct moisture. c. $10 value dissolved per ton of ore. d. 50 pct in mill and 50 pct in agitators. e. 400 tons of solution from thickener V precipitated to $0.02. f. Agitation with a dilution of 2 of solution to 1 of solids. g. Let V, W, X, Y and Z represent value in dollars per ton of solution discharged from the resvective thickeners. Equating Out of and Into Each Thickener 1. lOOVplus 400V = 500W plus (0.50 X $10 X 100) 2. 1OOWplus 600W= 500X plus lOOW plus (0.50 X $10 X 100) plus lOOV 3. lOOXplus 500X = 1OOWplus 500Y 4. 1OOY plus 500Y = 1002 plus 1OOX plus (400 X 0.02) 5. 100 Zplus l00Z = l00Y plus 100 tons of water (value $0.00) Simplifying: 1. v = W plus 1.00 2. W = X plus 1.20 3. X = Y plus 0.24 4. Y = 0.2Zvlus 0.064 5. 2Z= Y
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