Linking HR Systems for Better Performance and Employee Involvement at Kennecott Utah Copper

Crowl, Chris
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 3
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
Employee involvement does not directly correlate to performance improvement. A key ingredient is the introduction of new Human Resource Systems that promote both performance improvement and employee involvement. Many organizations have tried to use employee involvement as the ''fixer" of performance issues-and seen their performance deteriorate further. They failed to realize that the entire human resource strategy must be connected to the goals of performance improvement and that greater employee involvement is only one tool in that strategy. So what are Human Resource Systems? These are systems that all managers use to get work done. Most of us are familiar with basics such as planning, assigning work, checking progress (auditing), completing assignments. We also commonly think in terms of staffing, training, compensation, or corrective action. All of these are human resource systems. All must be designed to support what you are trying to accomplish with your people. We call that the Human Resource Strategy. Let's examine one part of a total strategy intended to support more employee involvement at Kennecott Utah Copper-the hourly job structure. The design of hourly jobs directly affects how many employees of different capabilities are required to get the work done. It begins to answer some fundamental questions: • What are the roles and accountabilities of each employee? Do they have enough information to make decisions, to take responsibility for their work?
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