Are You Really Using Your Information to Increase the Effectiveness of Assets and People?

Bascur, Osvaldo A. ; Kennedy, J. Pat
Organization: Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration
Pages: 16
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2004
Large metallurgical complexes have more data than a small city and much of it is "real time," changing rapidly as internal and external conditions evolve. As corporations buy and sell assets and reengineer their staff, the structures and tools that were used to understand these data are lost. The lack of an integrated approach makes the profitability of metallurgical plants lag behind that of other industries despite technical advances that have occurred in recent years. This results in significant deterioration in the ability to maintain a "smart” operation. The solution is to use the sophisticated new tools built for the Internet so as to leverage information in a familiar browser format that people can use and understand. Combining real-time infrastructure with portal technology is becoming an accepted methodology. This paper introduces real-time portals and team sites to support decision making by work- groups which require both real-time and documentary information from manufacturing assets, vendors, head office and the Internet. Workers get insight from the overall process effectiveness index based on key variables such as losses due to plant availability, performance efficiency and rate of quality. Real-time portals and smart clients are part of any real-time performance management (RtPM) solution. Three case studies in large metallurgical complexes are presented. PLANTS ARE YOUR STRATEGIC HANDICAP Information technology is arguably one of the fastest moving technologies used by the mining/metallurgical industry. However, the business model for managing that
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