The Design And Formation Of Bored Displacement Piles - A United Kingdom Perspective

Baxter, David J.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 9
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2006
Use of bored displacement piles has experienced significant growth in the UK piling market sector, largely due to their environmental advantages over other piling methods and through cost benefits. Bored displacement piles are a cast-in-situ construction which can be formed with minimal production of spoil and offer low noise and vibration compared to driven displacement piles. A large variety of bored displacement piles have been developed. This paper describes a standard system for their classification. The development of the different types is described along with the factors which have led to their increased use. Consideration is given to processes undergone by the soil during pile installation and design approaches for bored displacement piles are compared. Comparisons are made between the different classifications of bored displacement pile. Comments are also made on the installation of such piles. It is concluded that complex changes occur in the stress states of the surrounding soils. Such effect of the pile installation on the soil should be accounted for and there is a need, therefore, to further refine the design process for these piles.
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