Starsol Piles Foundation Of A Steel Structure At The San Martin De La Vega Resort Park (Madrid)

Olalla, Claudio
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
This paper relates to the foundation of a steel structure located at the San Martin de la Vega (Madrid) amusement park. The structure has more than 100 supports with various loading conditions, including important horizontal and uplift forces. Additionally, the settlement tolerances are very strict. A massive gypsum formation with interbedded clay layers and random solution great voids at various levels constitute the soil. The foundation design has been conditioned large enough these difficulties (load conditions and soil problems). The piling machine used was powerful to drill through the soft rock (UCS up to 11Mpa). The integrity of each pile had to be guaranteed by continuous recording of drilling and concrete pouring parameters. In order to fulfil all those conditions, a STARSOL type-piling rig was used. More than 4500 meters of piles were performed. The diameters of the piles were 450 and 550-mm and their depths varies from 6 to 23 meters. All piles were reinforced over their full length.
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