Port Said East Port Project - Deep Diaphragm Walls For The Quay Wall Construction

Hamza, Mamdouh
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 13
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The construction of 1200 m length new quay wall located 1,300 m East of the existing Suez Canal bypass and about 1,000 m south of the Mediterranean shoreline is one of the main projects currently under development in Egypt. Due to very weak foundation soil, mainly soft clay, a particular effort, both in terms of design approach and construction feasibility, has been required. The execution of "barrettes" and T-shaped" diaphragm wall panels down to a depth of 65 m and under extremely severe soil condition has been required in order to pass through the upper soft soil and to reach a competent base layer. Very critical and variable hydrological conditions have been also encountered due to the contemporary nearby channel dredging activity, thus increasing the difficulty for maintaining the stability of the slurry trenches opened in soft material. This paper gives a general overview of the project with some emphasis to the most significant design aspects and to the construction of the deep foundation elements.
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