Piling In Coal Measures At The City Of Manchester Stadium For The Commonwealth Games 2002

Curtis, Colin
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The City of Manchester is hosting the 2002 Commonwealth Games. A world class Stadium with a 38,000 capacity was commissioned for a site located close to the City Centre. The Stadium location is in an area that was derelict and in need of regeneration and it is envisaged that the Stadium will be the spur for this. The industrial and residential history of the site has left a legacy of buried foundations together with chemically contaminated soils. This Made Ground deposit overlies Glacial Deposits which in turn overlie bedrocks of the Central Manchester Coalfield. Coal mining has taken place from at least 1761 leaving several worked seams and shafts. In order to support the stadium, 1159 conventional augured piles of 600 to 1200mm diameters were used. This paper will deal primarily with the piling operations and testing, but will also discuss the coal seam treatment with respect to piling. A substantial trial pile test programme was carried out together with 11 static load tests on contract piles. The results of the pile tests will be discussed and conclusions drawn.
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