Partnering And Technical Innovation Used To Stabilize Slurry Trench Walls Under Commuter Rail Station For Boston's Big Dig

Pedini, Paul
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The challenge of Contract C19E1 of Boston's Central Artery Project called for the construction of two roadways under the commuter rail yard at North Station. Two options were offered for the method of their construction: Slurry Wall Roof-First or Soft Ground Tunneling. The instability of the indigenous soils seemed to rule out the use of tunneling, so the slurry wall method was chosen. However, these soils were incapable of holding up during slurry trench excavation. After many episodes of ground loss on early panel excavations, Modem Continental Construction suggested a method of trench wall stabilization. The Contractor (MCC) both suggested wall stabilization method and requested that the owner participate in the funding for the effort. The Project and the Contractor were able to agree on a solution which resulted in collapse-free excavation...and found an innovative way to fund the solution.
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