Parametric Analysis Of Piled Rafts Founded On A Tropical Clay Of Brazil

Cunha, Renato P.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 8
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
The paper presents the results of a comparative and parametric analysis in which a numerical program developed exclusively for groups of deep foundations under general loading (vertical, horizontal and moment loads) was used. This program, developed in the doctoral thesis work of Zhang (2000), extends the finite layer method to accommodate a simultaneous general loading on top of piled raft foundations, allowing the establishment of a coupled relationship between displacements (in all three directions), rotations (in two directions), and external loads. Zhang (2000) has extensively tested and validated this program against well known case histories, but has not applied it to piled rafts overlying unsaturated tropical soil materials. Hence, this paper further explores the applicability of this program by using it to simulate the behavior of experimental field loading tests carried out at the University of Brasilia (UnB) experimental site. At this site, Cunha and Sales (1998) and Sales (2000) carried out several loading tests on small scale isolated rafts (1 x 1m) and piles (L=5m, dia=0.15m), group of piles (4 piles, raft clear off the ground) and piled rafts (1 and 4 piles underneath a raft in contact with the soil). The authors adopt Zhang's program to backcalculate, hence simulate, this series of experimental field loading tests under vertical loading. They also use this set of results to "calibrate" the program for further parametric analyses. The parametric analyses were carried out with different piled raft configurations in this same soil type, trying to evaluate their field behavior under the effect of distinct (geometric) configurations of pile distribution.
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