Load Tests On Belled Piles With Polystyrene Foam Between The Shaft And The Base

Cintra, José Carlos A.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 3
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
This paper addresses a new experimental procedure to measure the shaft friction and the base resistance of bored piles during static load tests. It is proposed that a set of polystyrene foam discs, placed between the shaft and the base of the pile, be used instead of the usual instrumentation. Throughout the initial stages of the loading test, the foam discs will allow only the mobilization of the shaft friction. The load x settlement curve clearly shows that the shaft friction vanishes at low settlement values. As the load test proceeds, the base resistance is also mobilized. This procedure was used in two belled piles bored at the Experimental Foundation Field of the University of São Paulo, at São Carlos, Brazil. Both piles were 8 m long and had a shaft diameter of 0.6 m. The enlarged base had a diameter of 1.5 m and a height of 0.9 m. Twenty foam discs with a thickness of 20 mm each were placed between the enlarged base and the shaft of the pile. The load tests indicated ultimate shaft frictions of 28 and 30 kPa for measured settlements of 8.98 and 7.39 mm. Base resistance values at failure were 617 and 499 kPa, for a chosen settlement of 10% of the pile base diameter. The proposed approach seems to be straightforward, efficient and inexpensive.
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