Instrumentation Of Construction Vibrations

Svinkin, Mark R.
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
Construction vibrations may adversely affect surrounding buildings and their effects range from human discomfort and disturbance of sensitive devices to visible structural damage. There is no unique conclusion regarding the effect of construction vibrations at every site. Measurement is usually made to monitor vibrations and control them with the vibration thresholds for disturbance of sensitive objects as well as damage to structures. To prevent potential litigation and mitigate the vibration effects on sensitive devices, people and structures, it is necessary to manage and minimize vibration problems before the beginning of construction activities or installation of vibrating machine foundations, and during construction. Pre-construction damage survey and engineering vibration investigations, including the prediction of anticipating vibrations, have to be made at most construction sites in advance of construction activities. Vibration monitoring and control have to be provided during construction. The instrumentation feedback of vibration prediction, monitoring and control provide the basis for choice of measures to prevent or mitigate vibration problems and settlement damage hazards.
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