Information Technology And The Foundation Industry

Massarsch, Andreas
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 7
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
Information Technology, IT, is rapidly affecting all aspects of private life and how professional activities are conducted. Probably the most important development is the Internet, which makes it possible to exchange information independently of time and geographic location. While traditional communication is based on limited availability to information, the basis of the new Information Technology age is abundance and unlimited access. IT has evolved into a powerful resource and new applications are being developed and introduced almost daily. IT influences every aspect of our private life as well as our business environment. If properly used, IT can become an important resource for planning and implementing construction projects more efficiently, at lower cost and with higher quality. Interactive Web Platforms are already being used for group collaboration on a global scale. As these can be used without programming knowledge and are user-friendly, Web Platforms make cooperation more efficient and stimulate members to actively participate. Another application of growing interest are Internet Platforms and electronic publishing, which can provide technical and other information in different formats and much cheaper than conventional books or proceedings.
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