Foundation Design And Construction In Variable Rock

Moskowitz, Joel
Organization: Deep Foundations Institute
Pages: 5
Publication Date: Jan 1, 2002
A new office complex is being constructed within 25m of the Hudson River in New Jersey. The project, about 140 m by 100 m, will include 4 basements under the entire footprint. The perimeter was to be secured by a 0.8 m thick diaphragm wall, laterally supported by high capacity tieback anchors to rock. Columns were to be supported on footings or piers to rock at a nominal bearing pressure of 3.8 MPa at depths up to 17m. Although some variation in rock quality was observed in borings, a substantial vertical seam of weathered and/or decomposed rock, 1 to 2 meters wide by as much as 8 meters deep, was encountered during construction necessitating field redesign. In some locations the seam dipped below more competent rock. Footings were redesigned for support on drilled caissons, or soft rock was excavated and replaced with concrete necessitating a reduction in bearing pressure of the footings by one half.
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